Moodle 3 Feautures, part 3 Flexible sections format

One of the new plugins in Moodle 3 is a course format called ”Flexible sections”. It allows sections/topics to be placed within other sections in either open or collapsed form. The collapsed section links will open the section on its own page when clicked. Note that this new format may not work with some of the older Moodle themes! Changing the course format back to the default Topics format, will return the sections to their normal positions.

flexible sections

A course page with flexible sections enabled.


flexible sections

When editing is turned on more options become available to manage the sections.

Moodle 3 Features, part 2 Assignment

The assignment module in Moodle 3 looks almost the same as in Moodle 2.7. In the assignment settings you may notice that under submission types, if on-line text is chosen as submission type, a maximum word limit may be set, so as to force students to adhere to brevity, for example, in summaries or reports.

The most notable new feature in the assignment, however, only becomes visible when a student submits a PDF file. PDF files are unwieldy and sometimes impossible to annotate for teachers. To deal with this, Moodle 3 contains a simple PDF editor, as shown in the pictures below:

Annotate PDF

The PDF editor button becomes available only when a PDF file is submitted.


Annotate PDF

The annotation tools are a bit crude and take some getting used to, but they are essentially functional.

Moodle 3 Features, part 1 Forum

The upgrade of Lapinkampus Moodle and Open Moodle to version 3 and up will not cause drastic shifts in the functionality of the environment, but will bring about a great number of incremental improvements. Some of these improvements and additional functionality will be highlighted in this and subsequent entries.

The Forum module in Moodle is the most used and most flexible tool that can perform almost all functions of the assignment module (including the Urkund plagiarism check), but combines it with the interactivity of a discussion tool. In the upgrade from Moodle version 2.7 to 3.0 the Forum will aquire a few improvements which are shown on the images below:

When writing a forum messages users in a group forum can decide to post their message in all the groups that they have access to.

When writing forum messages users in a group forum can decide to post their message in all the groups that they have access to.


navigation between threads

In a forum it has become easier to navigate between discussion threads and it is now possible to subscribe to only one discussion.


Subscription to single threads

Subscription to single threads can also be done on the forum page. Also note that the back button now returns to the same topic you departed from.