Coming soon: H5P Learning Content Tool

The eLearning Service of Lapland University of Applied Sciences has over the past few weeks been checking out a relatively new Moodle plugin: H5P Interactive Content.

H5P is a web service that was developed in Tromsø in 2013 for a Norwegian provider of learning content. The service has since been released as open source software and its functions can be used via a Moodle plugin. In the version being tested presently, a teacher can choose to create interactive content such as Interactive Videos, Question Sets, Drag and Drop Questions, Multi-Choice Questions, Presentations and much more. There are 28 different types at the moment of writing, including an option to use the web conferencing service (introduced on the ePakki blog!) as a chat room in your course. All materials are in HTML5 and thus have great usability (also on mobile devices). You can read more about it here: In addition to being an authoring tool for rich content, H5P also enables teachers to import and export H5P files for effective reuse and sharing of content.

The eLearning Services consider that, since the amount of different content types on offer is quite big (and each content type has many options), the plugin may pose challenges to teachers. However, with support from us, quite varied and useful material can be created with H5P. We encourage teachers to partake of the possibilities offered and contact the eLearning Services when they have settled on interactive material that they want to create using H5P. Teachers could start by making existing material more interactive. For example, if you have a YouTube video that you use in your course (i.e. one that allows such use, maybe with a creative commons license), you can now consider turning that video into an activity containing labels and questions pertaining to the content of the video! (Click on the pic to see a bigger version.)

A detail of the creation of an inteactive video using the H5P Moodle plugin. The wealth of options demonstrates the need for support for beginning users.

The H5P plugin will be installed in Lapinkampus Moodle and Open Moodle before Easter. You will then find it in the list of activities presented in the ”Add and activity or resource” pop up in your Moodle course(s).

Note that there is even an H5P plugin available for Lapinkampus Blog! You can open the video below in full screen if you want.

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