Moodle 3 Features, part 5 User menu

In Moodle 2 the user menu could be accessd via the Administration block under the link ”My profile settings”. In Moodle 3 the user menu has moved to the navigation bar, from where it can be opened and used as shown in the image below with instructions for changing the password (NB: Only users with manual accounts can change their password, if you use your school network account, the password can only be changed in the school network!).

Change Password in a Course with the Campus Theme

HOWEVER, this functionality is only available in themes that have been upgraded for Moodle 3. Unfortunately, some of our present themes (like the LapinAMK theme) are still Moodle 2 themes. If you need to access the user menu in one of these themes, the work around is to click your name (This opens your profile), click Edit profile and then in the breadcrumb trail click Preferences (or, in Finnish, Asetukset):

Preferences/AsetuksetIt may take a while before we can update our LapinAMK theme to a Moodle 3 version. Until that time teachers might choose to replace this theme with a Moodle 3 theme like Klass, a theme with blue colours. Changing a course theme is done in the course settings:

Change Theme

Moodle 3 Features, part 4 Quiz question types

Moodle 3 incorporates three new question types in the standard selection for Moodle quizzes. These quiz question types were developed by the British Open University and heve been available before as third party plugins. All three types involve the student dragging and dropping elements onto a larger element in order to complete it. This sounds abstract, so examples can clarify the idea.

Drag text onto text (drag and drop into text)

The first type allow the creation of cloze texts where students do not fill in words, nor select them from a drop down list, but drag and drop them into the gaps in the text.

dragdroptextDrag text onto image (drag and drop markers)

The second type allows the student to drag and drop text labels onto a background image. The place where the label should go must be defined.

dragdroptextimageDrag image onto image (drag and drop onto image)

The third type allow the creation of tasks in which an image needs to be modified or completed by dragging one or more image elements onto the background image.

dragdropimageonimageThese new question types, especially the ones involving pictures, are a bit more complex to create than most of the other standard quiz question types. Therefore, they should not be used simply for the sake of having a cool image task in the quiz. However, for visualising specific understanding (e.g. how to complete an electrical circuit, where do intestines fit, etc.) they can be quite useful.