Tuo toiminto Moodlessa / The import function in Moodle

In a Moodle course there are diverse import possibilities, such as for quiz questions, but this e-Vinkki deals with the course Import (Tuo) function that is visible in the Administration (Asetukset) block on the course page. A number of teachers have learnt to use this function to move course materials between their courses, which is good and useful. However, some of them go about it in a rather sloppy way ;-), so here is how it is properly done:

First you take look at the original course from which you want to import material and decide what it is that you want/need from that course. In particular, you should check in which topic sections of the course the material is located, for the import tool will import those in the same topic section (osio) in your new course. This means that if in the original course the material is in section 3 and in the new course you want it to go in section 4, you should either temporarily move section three to position four in the original course, or move section 4 in the new course temporarily to position three. Also, if the material in the original course is in section 6 and your new course has only 5 sections, it will not show up after import, until you add a section 6 to the course. Doing this before importing will save you a lot of moving stuff around later.

Then, when you are ready, you go to the Adminstration (Asetukset) block in the new course and click the Import (Tuo) link.

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The first step is to select the original course from which you want to import. You can only import from courses in which you are a teacher.

You can search for (part of) the course full name or the short name. You select the course and click Next.

The next step is important. You do not want to import more than you strictly need. Blocks, filters and calendar events can generally be skipped. (For example, if you inlcude blocks, you may import multiple eOppimispalvelut blocks that you do not want in your new course and would have to delete afterwards.) For the question bank, groups and competences, only include those if you are actually going to use those in your new course, otherwise, skip them too. The option to jump to the end saves a few steps, but it implies that you want to import the whole kitchen sink to your new course. With an eye to reducing clutter, it is usually better to select what exactly you need.

When you have selected only those activities/resources that you want (and the sections in which they are located), you can continue.

When you click the Import button, the selected materials will be imported to your target course (after one more Continue/Jatka button). You can then commence to manage the imported materials in your new course as need be.

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