Application for Graduation

  • After having completed all the study units/modules, please check that they appear correctly on your transcript of records.
  • Apply graduation in Peppi.
  • Answer the Ministry of Education’s student feedback survey.
  • Study Counsellor of your field will set up the date for graduation discussion.
  • During the graduation discussion, Study Counsellor will check that all the studies required for applying for a degree have been completed.
  • In the case your studies meet the requirements for granting a degree, Study Counsellor will give you the permission to apply for the degree after the discussion.
  • Submit your degree application in Peppi.

Any Friday during the teaching period that is not a holiday can be a degree granting date (graduation date). Processing the degree application takes approximately three weeks from the day the application is submitted. The Coordinator in your field will announce your graduation date. The degree will be granted by the Rector. The diploma will be written in the language of instruction in your degree programme.


Your username and password will be valid for one week after your graduation date. After this, you will not have access to your e-mail account or other materials that you have saved in Moodle or in the MS Office 365 cloud service (or Gafe). You should save important messages and materials on a USB stick or in another storage location of your own.

When applying for your degree, please take account of the regulations concerning student financial aid (in order to be eligible for Kela’s financial aid in a given month, you must remain registered for 18 calendar days, which means that the first possible graduation date is the 18th day of the month).

You can apply graduation in Peppi. You will find the Graduation application below Applications menu.

Graduation application

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  • Selecting the graduation application you can fill in application


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