You can schedule your studies on the Scheduling tab.

  • By scheduling studies for terms and/or periods you can ensure that you complete enough studies per academic year.
  • You can view schedules in various time windows: Academic years/Terms/Periods
  • If necessary, you can also view summer studies by clicking the “Show summer periods” button.
    SchedulingClick to enlarge the image
  • You can select the default schedule in the curriculum or create an individual schedule by dragging studies from the ISP structure to different academic years.
  • You can also add an absence marking to the schedule if you are absent over a specific term.
  • You can drag a course on the timeline to another section. The completed course will be placed automatically in the section where it was completed, and its schedule cannot be changed.
  • You can remove the schedule by dragging the course on the timeline back to the structure.
  • If you click the clock icon, the structure will show only those courses which have not been scheduled.


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