Public timetables are available on the website of Lapland UAS: Lapland University of Applied Sciences – Lapland UAS/For Student/Quick links -> “Timetables

Timetables can be viewed by everyone without logging in


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Group timetables


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  1. Select “Group search” as the search criterion.
  2. Add the group’s ID as the search term.
  3. Select “Search”.
  4. The search results will be shown below the search field.
  5. Select “Add”. If you want to view the timetables of several groups at the same time, start adding the next group by typing the group’s ID as the search term (2).
  6. Select “Hide search results”.
  • The current day is shown with a yellow highlight
  • You can browse the view backwards and forwards using the arrow keys
  • You can also view timetables based on the month, week or day

Open the information of an individual booking by clicking on the booking.



  • Individual booking information You can show more information related to the implementation by selecting “Show implementation data”.
  • The implementation information will open below the booking information
  • You can close the window by clicking the “Sulje” (Close) button or cross at the top right corner

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  • If you want to start a new search, delete the existing searches from the content listing.
  • Remove the search term by clicking the recycle bin. Please note that there may be search terms on other tabs as well.


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