• Students can enroll for implementations during the enrollment period specified in the course implementation plan.
  • Students enroll for implementations in Peppi. The enrollment period begins from the publication of the implementation and ends a week before the beginning of the implementation.
    • Implementations in autumn are published in week 40
    • Spring and summer implementations are published in week 12
  • The student may cancel their enrollment as long as the enrollment has not been approved and no notes have been added for the student on the “Assessment of implementation” page.
  • The teacher confirms the student’s right to participate in the implementation by approving the enrollment.
  • With the enrollment, the student is given the right for assessment and they receive all materials related to the implementation and access to the learning environments used during the implementation.
  • Timetable reservations for the implementation are only shown in the student’s timetable if the student has enrolled for the implementation
  • Timetable data is transferred to the student’s Outlook calendar only if the teacher has approved the student’s enrollment for the implementation

Enrollments are steered by the degree regulation of the Lapland University of Applied Sciences

Participating in studies and completing courses

  • Only a student who has enrolled as a student at Lapland University of Applied Sciences and has enrolled for attendance in the academic year in question is entitled to complete degree studies, participate in instruction and practical training and have grades recorded
  • The student must enroll according to the procedure specified by the university of applied sciences for each course that they plan to attend and complete
  • Students are informed separately of any special enrollments
  • Enrollment is binding.
  • If the student has not participated in classes or has not completed any coursework during the course implementation, the student’s enrollment will be rejected.
  • After the enrollment period, enrollments can only be cancelled for reasons that prevent attendance in the course
  • The teacher responsible for the course approves the enrolled students for the course according to the implementation plan.
  • Students enroll for implementations in Peppi.



When the enrolment period begins, you can see a notification of it in the right-hand column of your ISP

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Enrollment for course implementations takes place in the ISP’s “Enrollments” tab. You can view your enrollments and cancel them in the “Enrollments” tab. You can also enroll for studies outside the ISP through the “Search for courses” button.

  • In the “Enrollments” tab, you can see all your enrollments and those course implementations which your ISP allows you to sign up for.
  • There are two groups on the page: “Enrollment ongoing”and “Enrollments”.
    • The “Enrollments” group also contains the courses you have completed. The latest enrollments are at the end of the group
  • By selecting all, you can see the implementations open to all groups in your degree programme.
  • By selecting “OWN”, you can enroll for studies in accordance with your personal ISP

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  • You can enroll for an implementation by clicking the “Enroll” button.
  • You can also cancel your enrollment by clicking “Cancel”.
  • If the implementation involves small groups, enrollment selections for small groups are shown when you start enrolling.
  • You can also cancel your enrollment unless the teacher has approved your enrollment. If notes concerning the implementation have been added for you, you cannot cancel your enrollment.
  • In connection with the enrollment, you can also check that the implementation belongs to your group
  • By clicking the name of the course, you can show more details related to the implementation, including the groups for which it is intended

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  • The course information also refers to the groups for which the implementation is intended

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Enrolment for studies outside the ISP

If you want to complete studies which are not included in the ISP in accordance with the curriculum, you can enroll for them by selecting “Search for courses”. Please note that you can only search courses where enrollment is under way. You can search the course offering through the education search function on the website, for example.


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  • Browse for more implementations whose enrollment period is under way by clicking the “Search for courses” button

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  1. You can browse studies that you want to enroll for by selecting “Search”. In that case, you will see all courses with open enrollment. If you are browsing for certain studies, enter the name of the implementation or part thereof in the search field and click “Search”.
  2. Once you have found the right study unit, select “Enroll”.

The study unit is added to courses outside the ISP, from which the teacher tutor may transfer it elsewhere, if necessary.


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