Wihi – instructions for students

  • Lapland University of Applied Sciences is introducing the Wihi system to support the thesis process, its guidance and progress monitoring.
  • The use of Wihi makes the thesis process monitoring and guidance easier, clearer and simpler.

Thus, all communication related to theses takes place in one system:

  • Topic proposal/idea paper/preliminary plan
  • Intermediate feedback
  • Communication
  • Verifying text authenticity
  • Evaluation
  • Archiving
  • Wihi is available at https://lapinamk.wihi.fi or from the Intranet tools menu

Wihi features three roles


  • Each degree programme has a designated thesis coordinator, who reviews the topic proposal submitted by the student and assigns an advisor to the thesis.
  • The coordinator also monitors the progress of theses in accordance with his/her area of responsibility.

Supervisor (Advisor)

  • The supervisor guides the progress of the thesis phase by phase.
  • The supervisor assesses each phase once it has been successfully completed. Evaluation of an approved phase is directly transferred to Peppi.
  • The supervisor performs and approves/rejects the plagiarism check.
  • The supervisor and second reviewer perform the final evaluation.
  • The supervisor approves the thesis for publication. The final evaluation is directly transferred to Peppi and the final thesis and its appendices are submitted to the archive.


  • The student starts the thesis process by preparing a topic proposal in Wihi.
  • If the thesis is to be completed as group work, one of the group members will draw up the topic proposal and invite the other group members to participate in the thesis. Each group member will confirm their participation. After this, the topic proposal is submitted to be processed by the coordinator.
  • The student submits the tasks and/or interim report related to each phase for guidance.
  • The student submits the thesis for plagiarism check.
  • The student submits the thesis to the commissioner.
  • The student sends to the advisor a link to the published thesis for the final evaluation of the thesis.

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A thesis consists of three phases. You can find separate instructions for each phase:

Thesis planning phase in Wihi (5/10 cr)

Thesis implementation phase in Wihi (5/10 cr)

The finishing phase of the thesis in Wihi (5/10 cr)