Study Feedback

Please note that the recommended browsers for Study Feedback system are: Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Edge (Internet Explorer does not function).

We want to improve and develop our operations, so we want to know how we have succeeded!

In Peppi, you can give feedback on all study unit implementations for which you have enrolled and your enrolment has been accepted. Your feedback will be visible to the teachers responsible for the implementation as well as the expertise group manager. Responses are always anonymous unless you enter your name or other identifying information in a free-form answer yourself.

You can give two kinds of feedback. You can give free-form feedback at any time and as many times you wish during a study unit implementation by choosing the option Instant Feedback. When the implementation draws to its ending date, you can give final feedback about the whole implementation by choosing the option Final Feedback. The teachers can give a response to the final feedback. You can follow the responses to see how the feedback works.

On Peppi’s front page, you will see a summary of study units with a feedback activity in progress.

study feedback

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The colours and symbols indicate the status of the feedback form for each of your study units, which may be one of the following:

  1. active:blue colour, speech bubble and the text GIVE FEEDBACK
    • The form opens automatically two weeks before the implementation end date and remains open for one week after the implementation end date.
    • The number of days left to give feedback is indicated on the screen.
  2. feedback report available:green colour, bars and the text SHOW REPORT
    • The response time has expired, and you can open a summary report of the averages of all the feedback given if there are at least five responses.
  3. response to feedback available:green colour, speech bubbles and the text SHOW REPORT
    • The response time has expired, and the teacher has prepared a response to the feedback. You can open the summary report and read the teacher’s response.

When you give feedback, be sure to send it by pressing SAVE. After a successful save, you will see the thank you page.

Please note the following:

If you did not provide final feedback during the response period:

  • The study unit is removed from the list on the front page as soon as the response period has expired.
  • You cannot see the summary of other students’ responses.
  • You cannot see any teacher responses to the feedback provided.
  • If you have been removed from the implementation after the opening of the feedback form, you cannot give feedback.
    • If you provided final feedback before exiting the implementation, the feedback you have provided will also be automatically removed from the feedback service.

If there are no study units in the front-page view, it means that

  • you have no active surveys to respond to and
  • there are no surveys responded to that would have a summary report or feedback response available.

You can also view Feedback from My Studies page with a list of all study feedback on your study unit implementations.

study feedback

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