Academic Year Enrollment

Students must enroll as attending or non-attending students every academic year in the manner specified by the university of applied sciences (932/2014, Sections 28, 29 and 32). Enrollment begins on 15 April 2021 and ends on 31 August 2021.

Students continuing their studies must enroll for the next academic year or term in Peppi.

You can enroll for the academic year on your personal desktop by selecting Academic Year Enrollment from the My Studies menu

In the view that opens, you can view your attendance information and enroll as an attending student

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Enroll as an attending student by selecting “Enroll”.

The enrollment information can be changed during an academic year on special grounds (please note the limitations regarding the first year of studies) by contacting the student services.

The special grounds can be significant changes in the student’s life, such as severe illness of the student or his/her family member, maternity or paternity leave, conscription or civil service. The application must always include written certificate of the matter from the relevant authority.

If you have problems with enrollment, contact opiskelijarekisteri(at)

If you have been admitted as a student in the spring of 2015 or thereafter, you can enroll yourself as a non-attending student for two terms. Your absence will not be subtracted from the duration of the right to study. Furthermore, non-attendance due to conscription, civil service, voluntary military service for women, and maternity, paternity or parental leave is possible at any stage of the studies and will not be subtracted from the duration of the right to study. In that case, you will have to submit to the university an official certificate concerning the reason for your absence.

Only students who have enrolled themselves as attending students can attend courses, take exams, complete practical training connected to studies or receive thesis guidance.

Students whose right-to-study time is running out and who are applying for an extension of the right to study: application is done in Peppi. Students who have received an extension of their right to study may not enroll as non-attending students.

Students who fail to submit an attendance or non-attendance notice by the required deadline will lose their right to study. The register administrator may reinstate the student’s right to study based on an application (reinstatement of the right to study).

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