Credit Transfer Applications (eRPL)

The basic idea of RPL (recognition of prior learning) is that students are not required to retake studies if they already have the corresponding competence. Studies can be substituted either by studies completed elsewhere or with competence acquired by other means. The credit transfer application should be submitted well in advance before the substituted studies start. The credit transfer application can also be submitted for competence gained during the degree. The procedure is a part of constructing the individual study plan (ISP).

Students have the right to apply for credit transfer for previously completed university-level studies as a part of the degree. The students are notified about the approval and possible supplements, or the rejection of the credit transfer application with justifications. The assessment criteria must be made available for the student, whose competence is being assessed. However, it is not necessary for students to apply for the credit transfer.


Inclusion refers to including studies completed elsewhere to be part of the degree. In inclusion, previously completed studies will be included using the original name of the completion. The level of the studies to be included must correspond to the level of studies in the UAS curriculum, and they must promote the goals set for the degree in accordance with the degree structure of each student. Studies completed in universities and universities of applied sciences can be included in the degree.


Including completed course(s)

Including completed study module(s)

Including previously acquired competence

Substitution / Replacement

Substitution refers to replacing studies included in the degree curriculum using studies (with similar learning objectives) completed elsewhere. When assessing the possibility of replacing study modules and units, the primary criteria are the learning objectives of the studies and therefore also their content, scope and requirements. Substitution of a complete study unit or module is possible if the studies completed elsewhere mainly correspond to the study unit or module at the university. The study unit or module can also be replaced partially. Studies used for substitution must be university level studies.


Substituting a course with one completed course

Substituting a course with several completed courses

Substituting several courses with one completed course

Substituting a study module with completed study module

Substituting a study module with several completed courses

Substituting course(s) with completed study module

Substituting studies with previously acquired competence


Pre-application means the pre-approval of the studies to be attained in the future as part of your ISP. Pre-application can be used, for example, in the pre-approval of exchange studies. Before completing the application, you should have a discussion with your study counsellor.

Instruction: Pre-application

Supplementing / editing a returned credit transfer application

If your application includes any errors/missing information, the application will be returned to you for completion (Returned).

Instruction: Supplementing / editing a returned credit transfer application

Attachment bank

All attachments saved in credit transfer applications are saved in the Attachment bank. In addition, you can add attachments beforehand to the Attachment bank, from where you can easily attach them to your credit transfer applications.

Instructions: Attachment bank


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